Students follow a two year Key Stage 3 at Sir John Hunt Community Sports College. The curriculum has been designed to ensure that they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their potential throughout their time at the College. However, whilst there is a clear focus on academic learning and progress, a key aim is to support our students to become resilient, independent young adults.

From the start of Year 7, students are set targets of what they are expected to achieve at the end of Key Stage 4 in their GCSE examinations. Progress towards these end of Key Stage 4 targets is reviewed on a ten weekly basis and this informs our intervention and support programmes. For further information regarding the Key Stage 3 curriculum and support, please contact Miss Lewis, Raising Standards Leader.

Uniform Policy

A uniform is important in instilling in students a sense of belonging, as well as a pride in themselves and their College. We...

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E Safety At Sir John Hunt Community Sports College we recognise the value that technology provides to our students both at...

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Parent Pay

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Parent Survey 2019/2020

91% of parents agreed that: "My child is happy at this College" 96% of parents agreed that: "My child feels safe at this...

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Consent Forms, Free School Meals and Absence Requests

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