Uniform Policy

A uniform is important in instilling in students a sense of belonging, as well as a pride in themselves and their College. We maintain an extremely high standard of dress and ask that parents continue to support us in our efforts to ensure a continuance of these standards. We also ask that parents ensure that their children are always smart and tidy in appearance. In the unusual event of a student changing house a new tie must be purchased by the parent/carer. The College will only provide a new tie if that change has been dictated by the College. Please ensure that all uniform is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Would parents please note that extremes of fashion are not permitted. Preferably no make-up however subtle use of make-up is acceptable.

If parents are unsure about any item of uniform, please contact the College before you agree to your child’s request.

✓ Plain black trousers or plain black knee length skirt: no denim, no leggings.

✓ Plain white long sleeved shirt or blouse: with a stiff collar and a top button, to be worn tucked in to the trousers or skirt. Polo/casual shirts are not acceptable; (short sleeves may be worn in warmer weather).

✓ The appropriate House tie: to be worn tight around the collar at all times.

✓ Sir John Hunt Community Sports College jumper: black with embroidered logo (to be worn at all times unless directed otherwise by teaching staff).

✓ Plain black shoes – low or no heel only: no striped soles or logos permitted. No extreme styles, open toe or open backs.

✓ Plain socks to be worn with trousers. Ankle socks or plain black/flesh colour tights may be worn with a skirt.

As a temporary measure the wearing of a face mask in indoor areas is now part of the College uniform policy. The only exception is when a student is sitting in a specified area eating at break or lunch time. This will be reviewed at Easter in line with Government guidance.

✖ Jewellery – from a health and safety perspective we would prefer that students do not wear any jewellery but we will allow some subtle jewellery to be worn. Bracelets, anklets, necklaces and hooped piercings are not allowed. A plain signet ring is acceptable. Stud earrings are acceptable in the ear lobes. No other jewellery is allowed in piercings however we will allow a transparent plastic piercing retainer to be worn if required. If piercings are worn these must be removed for some practical subjects including PE.

✖ Coats, jackets, hoodies or other non uniform tops should not be worn during lessons.

✖ Head scarves and bandanas are not part of the College uniform and should not be worn in lessons.

✖ Headphones are not part of the College uniform and should not be threaded through shirts, jumpers or ties.

If parents are unsure about any item of uniform, please contact the College before you purchase any items. It is recommended that College trousers/skirts should be purchased directly from the Schoolwear shop, (105 Mayflower Street, Plymouth PL1 1SD) as they stock items that meet our expectations and can be purchased with the SJH jumper. The College also accept uniform from local supermarket chains (Asda and Tesco) as long as it meets our requirements. Should parents wish to purchase uniform items from an alternative source they must be sure they adhere to our College Uniform Policy.

In making a decision about what constitutes acceptable uniform and appearance, the decision of the Principal/Senior Leadership Team and Pastoral Team is final. If a student should come to College not in correct uniform, he/she must anticipate being asked to wear appropriate College uniform from our stock or make arrangements with parents for uniform to be delivered or purchased. If it is not possible for alternative uniform to be supplied by the College or parents then the College may take students out of normal circulation until the uniform issue is resolved

P.E. and Games 
As a College, we feel it is imperative that your child participates, in the appropriate kit, as fully as possible in practical lessons. When not able to take part physically due to illness or injury, students are expected to bring a note from a parent/ carer and change into PE kit so as they can still be part of the lesson as a coach or assistant. This will also protect their uniform if we are having outdoor PE lessons at that time.
Please ensure your son/daughter brings the correct kit for their PE lessons. Students without kit will be loaned clean kit to wear.

No jewellery can be worn for PE lessons at any time.

All girls and boys compulsory kit:
Plain black shorts
• College blue PE shirt with College logo
• Black football socks or white sports socks
• Non–marking soled trainers or gym shoes
• Boys: All boys require football boots, shin pads and gum shields
• Girls: Some girls will require football boots and shin pads, this will be communicated home at the start of the academic year

All students optional extras:
• College black training top with College Logo (available to order with compulsory kit)
• Plain black tracksuit bottoms with no large logos, piping or stripes (available to order with compulsory kit)

Personal effects, such as jewellery, including body piercings and ear piercings, religious artefacts, watches and hair slides must be removed by students to establish a safe working environment.

Long hair worn by both staff and students should be tied back with a suitably soft item to prevent entanglement in apparatus and prevent vision being obscured. Fringes must be able to be drawn back with a soft hairband/headband.

Nails for staff and students need to be short to prevent injury to self and others. You should not be able to see the nails over the top of the finger when looking at your hands from the palm side. For this reason, the policy at Sir John Hunt is that acrylic, shellac, gel and all other types of false nails are not suitable.

It is essential that an apron is worn in practical lessons such as Art and Technology.

If students are not in the correct uniform or attend college with hairstyles or body stylings that do not meet our expectations (as outlined within this section) then they may be taken out of their normal lessons to learn away from other students, or may be sent home until their appearance meets our expectations.

House ties can only be bought from the College. Other items of uniform can be purchased through the Schoolwear Shop, Mayflower Street (Tel: 01752 252025). PE kit must be ordered from Proserve either via the telephone 01395 222975, their website or by post Unit 3, Dinan Way Trading Estate, Exmouth, EX8 4RS (order forms available from College).

Being fully equipped for the day is essential, please ensure that you have the following as a minimum each day to allow for the best start to your learning:

• School bag and Pencil Case
• Planner
• 3 x Blue or Black pen
• 1 x Pencil
• Rubber
• Ruler

It is beneficial for students to have additional equipment in their pencil case such as a range of pencils, coloured pencils and pens, highlighter, protractor and glue stick.

It is not appropriate for students to bring scissors, correction fluid (such as Tipp-Ex) or a pair of compasses to College.

Failure to have all the correct equipment will result in sanctions.

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