Conduct for Learning


Being fully equipped for the day is essential, please ensure that you have the following as a minimum each day to allow for the best start to your learning:

• School bag large enough to carry everything you need for the day 
• Planner
• Clear Pencil Case containing:
• 3 x Blue or Black pens
• 1 x Pencil
• 2 x Green Pens
• Rubber
• Ruler

It is beneficial for students to have additional equipment in a separate pencil case such as a range of coloured pencils and pens, highlighter, protractor and glue stick.

If you are going to buy and bring a calculator it should be the Casio Classwiz fx-83GTX should be marked clearly with you name.

It is not appropriate for students to bring scissors, correction fluid (such as Tipp-Ex) or a pair of compasses to College.

Failure to have all the correct equipment will result in sanctions.
What is Conduct for Learning?
  • a clear set of expectations for students and staff, with praise for good conduct and 
  • consequences where conduct does not meet expectations; 
  • a process to maintain a safe learning environment; 
  • a consistent approach to classroom management; 
  • a series of prescribed outcomes (positive and negative) that are clearly understood 
  • by all within the College community. 
How does Conduct for Learning benefit the Students?
  • improves the motivation and outcomes of students; 
  • improves students’ ability to engage in learning; 
  • reduces classroom disruption; 
  • improves attendance and punctuality; 
  • improves homework; 
  • improves standards of appearance and uniform; 
  • develops independent learning skills; 
  • prevents aggression and foul or abusive language; 
  • prevents damage to property and the learning environment; 
  • increases respect between students for themselves, others and their environment; 
  • engenders a happier learning environment with high levels of self belief. 
Conduct for Learning gives us:
  • a consistent approach to rewarding positive conduct and challenging unacceptable behaviour; 
  • a shared responsibility for managing student behaviour; 
  • improved relationships between students, staff and parents; 
  • a high quality, safe, learning environment for all.