Google Classroom Support

As part of the College’s Homework strategy and to support with Home Learning we have set up resources, support and online lessons using Google Classroom. Please follow the instructions below to get started:

If you have any logging in issues, please contact:

To access Google classroom, students can either go to:, download the Google Classroom app from their device app store or click the link below:


user name and passwords

For example:
• a year 7 student named John Smith would have the username:
• a year 9 student named Betty Boo would have the username:

Logging in for the first time

When first logged in, students will need to change their password. We suggest students use a strong password, using a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters, at least 8 characters in length.

There will be some circumstances where students may have trouble logging in due to issues with usernames or passwords. In this instance, please can you email with the year and name of the student that is having issues and we will aim to assist as promptly as possible.

Once pupils have joined the classroom they will see is the class “Stream” where announcements and communication with the teacher can take place: Below is an example for a History classroom

Clicking on the “classwork” tab at the top enables the student to see the work that is currently active for this subject: If you click on it you will see the work set up similar to the History example below. Clicking on the link will show all the resources and also the date for completion.

classwork history example

Lessons will be set weekly and will contain a retrieval quiz, content to read and make notes on, selected videos and websites to use, and tasks to complete.

Finally, clicking on the “people” tab will allow the student to email your teacher with any questions they have. Please only use this function for urgent questions, as due to the current situation we may not be able to reply to all questions in a timely manner. Also, the email accounts have been locked to only work within the domain so sending and receiving external emails will not work for personal usage.

If you have any technical issues, please use the contact below:

Google Classroom Support videos

Please click on the videos below for more classroom support:

using google classroom for students
submitting an assignment

Accessing Google Classroom via an Xbox or Playstation

If you do not have a laptop or mobile device, you can access Google Classroom via an Xbox or Playstation using the following brief guide. If you do not have access to a USB keyboard, please contact the college via the techsupport email above.