Conduct for Learning


Being fully equipped for the day is essential, please ensure that you have the following as a minimum each day to allow for the best start to your learning:
  • School bag large enough to carry everything you need for the day 
  • Planner
  • Clear Pencil Case containing:
✓ 3 x Blue or Black pens
✓ 1 x Pencil
✓ 2 x Green Pens
✓ Rubber
✓ Ruler

It is beneficial for students to have additional equipment in a separate pencil case such as a range of coloured pencils and pens, highlighter, protractor and glue stick.

If you are going to buy and bring a calculator it should be the Casio fx-85GT-CW
This should be marked clearly with you name.

It is not appropriate for students to bring:
✗ Scissors
✗ Correction fluid (such as Tipp-Ex) 
✗ A pair of compasses

Persistent failure to have all the correct equipment will result in sanctions.
What is Conduct for Learning?
  • a clear set of expectations for students and staff, with praise for good conduct and 
  • consequences where conduct does not meet expectations; 
  • a process to maintain a safe learning environment; 
  • a consistent approach to classroom management; 
  • a series of prescribed outcomes (positive and negative) that are clearly understood 
  • by all within the College community. 
How does Conduct for Learning benefit the Students?
  • improves the motivation and outcomes of students; 
  • improves students’ ability to engage in learning; 
  • reduces classroom disruption; 
  • improves attendance and punctuality; 
  • improves homework; 
  • improves standards of appearance and uniform; 
  • develops independent learning skills; 
  • prevents aggression and foul or abusive language; 
  • prevents damage to property and the learning environment; 
  • increases respect between students for themselves, others and their environment; 
  • engenders a happier learning environment with high levels of self belief. 
Conduct for Learning gives us:
  • a consistent approach to rewarding positive conduct and challenging unacceptable behaviour; 
  • a shared responsibility for managing student behaviour; 
  • improved relationships between students, staff and parents; 
  • a high quality, safe, learning environment for all.

Mobile Phones and Devices

Many students will want to bring a mobile device to College with them to allow them to communicate with family and friends on the way to and from school. Although we allow students to bring mobile phones and devices to College they are not required for lessons and as such the College is a mobile phone and device free zone: we therefore take no responsibility for loss or damage of a mobile device that a student chooses to bring on site.

Free from the distractions of mobile phones we want students to spend:
  • more time working hard in class
  • more time talking to each other in their break and lunch times
  • more time building positive relationships
The Mobile Phone and Device Free Zone exists:
  • inside the school gates
  • between start of roll call and the end of the College day.
Students’ phones and devices must be switched off and packed away in bags. They must not be seen, heard or used any where on College site.

There will be NO exception to this rule.
In instances where a parent is unable to collect the phone and a student uses their phone for a bus pass, parents should make alternative arrangements for transport. In extreme cases the College may give a single bus ticket but parents will be expected to reimburse the College for this cost.

What devices are included?

The rule covers all mobile phones, headphones and other devices that can be connected to the internet or mobile networks or play music or games or take photos, such as iPods, game handsets, tablets and smart-watches. Students may continue to use College devices, such as tablets and computers under the supervision of school staff.

What if parents and children need to make contact?
  • Parents should call reception - 01752 201020
  • Staff will assess any requests from students for them to call home. Where it is necessary, students will be given the opportunity to use the College phone system at break or lunchtime.
What if I have my phone or device out?

We operate a “see it, hear it, take it” approach. If any devices are seen or heard on College site, they will be confiscated immediately and stored securely. The device will be returned to parents only, who will be required to come to the College reception to recover the device. Further confiscations will result in students having to hand in the device at the start of each day and may lead to the school withdrawing the right for a student to bring phones or other devices onto the school site.