The Sixth Form Centre

We are very lucky to have our own space within the college in our excellently resourced Sixth Form Centre.

Our building is separate from the main school, allowing our Sixth Formers to enjoy a private and productive space to work when not in timetabled lessons.  

Although our expectations of Sixth Formers are high, the experience of being a Sixth Former at SJH is very different to that of lower school students and the privileges include:
  • Your own Sixth Form Centre and study spaces
  • Sixth Form kitchen (a key part of any Sixth Formers life!)
  • Trips to Thorpe Park which run every year
  • Home Study Passes: allowing Sixth Formers to work at home for at least one afternoon per week
  • Freedom to go off-site during break and lunch time
  • 16-19 Bursary: eligible students will qualify for £30-£100 p/month for attending Sixth Form
  • Range of subject specific trips run and organised by Sixth Form teachers
  • Paid roles as Meal Time Assistants (earn money during your break / lunch)
  • Wide range of societies and sports clubs running during Champion's Hour each week
  • Support in your revision and studies from our KS5 Support staff
  • Jump the queue passes for the main school canteen
  • Refreshments provided in the Sixth Form kitchen (for free!)
  • Freedom to use mobile phones and head phones in agreed sessions during the school day
  • Ambassador roles to support the Sixth Form and the wider community

Supported Study sessions 

You will study three courses while in Sixth Form, and when not in lessons, you will have timetabled Supported Study sessions.

These sessions are designed to allow you time to consolidate and revise your learning in lessons.  There are computers, laptops and silent study spaces available for students and our KS5 Support staff will always be on hand to help and support you during these sessions.

Dress Code

There is no formal uniform in the Sixth Form, but we expect common sense and acceptable standards of dress. You are also role models for pupils in the lower school and representatives of the Sixth Form in the community. Your appearance therefore needs to be neat and tidy, not present a health and safety hazard and show that you are on site to learn. 

Therefore, high heeled shoes, bare midriffs, low cut tops and excessive piercings are unacceptable, as are baseball caps and potentially offensive slogans on clothing inside school and Sixth Form. Outside of these basic expectations, Sixth Formers are free to wear what they choose. 

One item will always be essential; Your Sixth Form ID badge needs to been worn so staff and other students or college visitors can see it!