5th july 2019

College Uniform

Dear Parent / Carer

I am sure that many of you will be purchasing new uniform for your children during the summer break and although the majority of our students are in the correct uniform on a daily basis, sometimes children can exert pressure on parents to allow them to wear the current fashions. Our College uniform is not based on fashion and I would be grateful for your ongoing support in ensuring that your child attends College in the correct uniform.

Our College uniform policy is clearly outlined on our website and in student planners. It has not changed for a number of years, and we are have no current plans to change the uniform. We recognise that some specific school uniforms can be quite expensive, and so we allow a degree of flexibility around trousers, skirts and footwear to allow parents to purchase items from a range of shops to suit their budgets.

Recently we have noticed an increasing number of students wearing tight, close fitting trousers (leggings) and chino or jeans type of trousers: these are not in accordance with our uniform expectations. Students should be in black straight legged trousers. Straight legged means almost straight from top to bottom, like men’s suit trousers with a crease down the front, but certainly roughly the same circumference at the knee as at the hem. Skinny cut trousers that are tight around the hem/ankle are not suitable. Similarly knee length skirts should hang freely to knee length – tight fitting skirts that ride up the thigh when a student walks around are not appropriate.

Please could I also draw your attention to our policy on piercings, tattoos and unusual hairstyles: this is within our uniform policy. I would recommend that if your son or daughter plans to have any piercings that are not in their ear lobe that this is done at the start of the Summer break as they will not be able to wear anything in the subsequent holes once term begins. Similarly, extreme haircuts or unnatural colours will need time to grow out before students return to College in September.

If students are not in the correct uniform or attend College with hairstyles or body stylings that do not meet our expectations then they may be taken out of their normal lessons to learn away from other students, or may be sent home until their appearance meets our expectation.

Thank you for all the support that you give us to ensure that your children are in the correct uniform to attend our College. We appreciate the strong relationships that we have with parents, and it is through working together that we are best able to support students to achieve their full potential during their time at Sir John Hunt.

Yours faithfully,

Mr O Marner
Assistant Principal