At SJH we followed the national curriculum to create a tailored KS4 program that enables all students to access the AQA 9-1 Separate Science course. Throughout KS4 students will experience learning about the following topics in their Sciences:


Assessment in Science aims to capture the progress students are making at three points throughout the academic year. Each assessment is tailored to the specific cohort and enables students and teachers to identify where the gaps in knowledge are. Effective intervention, both independent and teacher led, can then be tailored to fill the known gaps in student knowledge, resolve misconceptions and rapidly develop their understanding of Science.

Year 10 

• Assessments at three points throughout the academic year .
• At the end of each year, students complete an End of Year Paper 1 Exam covering all aspects taught throughout the paper 1.

Year 11 

• Students sit three exam cycles where students sit two full sets of GCSE papers before their final GCSE exams at the end of year 11.

KS4 Additional support 

Period 0 – Selected students complete a Period 0 lesson with the Head of Science each week that focus primarily on filling their gaps in learning.

Period 7 – Students complete a Period 7 lesson in Science each week focussing on required practical's, gaps in learning and essential exam techniques.

Gained timed – In these sessions Science teachers use their most recent QLA’s to address and fill the gaps in their knowledge. Additionally, all students take part in an additional P7 that allows them to complete tasks on Seneca and allows the Science teacher time to discuss 1:1 any barriers to their learning. 
Home learning - to help students understand and learn all of their Science subjects whilst at home or when revising for their exams: 
  + all weekly lessons shared on their Science Google Class
  + all students have been given a CGP Knowledge Organiser, for each Science, to help fill any                   gaps in their knowledge.
  + selected tasks set each week by their Science teacher on Seneca  (https://app.senecalearning.com)

All students follow the reformed AQA GCSE (9-1) in Science.

Exam paper distribution: