KS5 Year 1 Sociology Homework

Homework in Sociology A level will always offer you a clear purpose, a choice and a challenge.

If there are extra tasks or questions you need to support your revision or understanding, make sure you ask your teacher!

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Homework 1: Role and Function (SAQs) (Due on 09.09.19)

Complete the Short Answer Questions (SAQs) on the role and function of religion.

These should include a range of examples to support your answers.

Hand in on the 9th September.

Homework 2: 10 mark role and function question (due on 23.09.19)

Using your notes from recent lessons;

Examine the view that religion benefits all members of society.
(10 marks)

You will need to include 4 marks of AO1 (Knowledge) and 6 marks of AO2 (Evaluation).  

Your answer should clearly link to the question and should use examples to support and develop your points.

To be handed in at the start of our lesson on 23.09.19.

Homework 3: 20 mark question - religion and social change (Due 30.09.19)

Using your notes, you will need to develop a clear argument and then give counter evidence to evaluate those arguments.

Examine the view that religion acts as a conservative force in society.

(20 marks)

This homework needs to be handed in at the start of our lesson on Monday 30th October.

Homework 4: Vocab lists and Unit Revision (Due 07.10.19)

Complete the vocabulary list from the lesson.

These should be completed with full and accurate definitions and examples.

To be handed in at the start of our lesson on 07.10.19.

Then.....   REVISE all content on the Role and Function of Religion.  Make sure you are clear and confident on all elements of this topic in preparation for a timed question in class next week.

Homework 5: Research Methods (Due on 09.10.19)

Complete the following SAQs:

1. Outline two problems with the types of research method used by Positivist sociologists. (4 marks)

2. Outline two problems with the types of research method used by Interpretivist sociologists. (4 marks)

You will need to include examples and key terminology in your answers which should be written on lined A4 paper(!)

Homework 6: Beliefs in Society (Due on Monday 14.10.19)

Complete the 10 mark question on secularisation below:

Examine two ways in which religion still has influence over the lives of individuals.

(10 marks)

You will need to make sure you address the question clearly, use evidence and examples to support you answer and include an evaluation (examine) of the points you make.

To be handed in at the start of our Monday lesson.

Homework 7: Research Methods (Due on 16.10.19)

Explain the considerations affecting a researchers' choice of method in Sociology.

(12 marks)

Use the handouts and information from our lesson.  Make sure you use key vocabulary in your answer which should clearly explain each of the main considerations.

Homework 8: Beliefs in Society (Due on 29.10.19)

Over the October half-term, revise for a test on the work we have covered so far (Beliefs in Society).

We will doing this in class under timed conditions during your second lesson after the break.

This test will include a 20 mark secularisation question.  You should practice your secularisation answers during the half term break.

If you have any questions - make sure you email and ask!