Year 7 Science 

Starting Monday 13th April all Science lessons will be accessed at home using the learning platform GoogleClassroom. 

Every week students will have access to some excellent lessons that have been designed to help them learn, gain knowledge and progress in Science.
Good luck and stay safe.

For now it would be great if students completed the following at home activity

This is a booklet that students can complete at home about the science behind the corona virus (covid 19). Each page contains keywords, diagrams, explanations, questions and extension activities and now project activities such as research and making posters/leaflets. It explains the different types of microorganisms that cause disease and the effects on the body. It explains how our body fights disease caused by viruses (and bacteria) and how a drug/vaccine may be developed.

The document below comes as a pdf for the students to download.

Addition Home Challenge

Student Task: Choose a non-communicable disease of you choice and research the symptoms and treatments of that disease. Be prepared to share you findings with your class our first lesson back with a quick 2-3 minute presentation of your disease.

The NHS website is a fabulous place to start, and it would be great if you could read through the content with your child and encourage them to pick out the key points.

Some diseases to choose from are:
- Cancer
- Asthma
- Diabetes
- Heart disease
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Parkinsons 

This is an optional activity but you will really benefit doing some science work during the school closure. 

Introducing Tassomai

We have chosen Tassomai to help children be more independent learners at home, help them build knowledge learned at school and to help them achieve their best possible results in Science.

Tassomai makes it easier to learn and revise, at home, at school or on the move. Students just need to log in and start answering quizzes; the algorithm prioritises the right topics and ensures everything gets the attention it needs.

Our aim is for all students to complete their daily goal by hitting their target of correct questions.

Teachers will be able to monitor their progress and inform parents of their progress.

Science will have termly prizes for students who have made the greatest progress.

Tassomai Login details

When students are registering for the first time, please have them use the following details:

Username + email: (year started at SJH)name.surname@sjhcsc.co.uk;

  for example: 15joe.bloggs@sjhcsc.co.uk

Password: Choose something easy and note it down in the student planner.

Copy this code:    I1EHLBAQ

then click on link below to register: 

If you have already resisted, please login here:

If students have any problems logging onto Tassomai, or if you have any questions/queries please contact me on:


Stay safe and well

Mr Gardiner
Head of Science