Unit 2 Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated by OCR.

UNIT AIM: At some point throughout their lives everyone will have experienced being coached or taught about sport and physical activity. The importance of a high quality coach or leader cannot be underestimated. The increasing demand for both young and old to learn and develop physical skills and sporting skills presents new and exciting opportunities for coaches, leaders and NGB’s and, through coaching and leading, you can learn a set of skills such as communication and adaptability which will prove valuable in other aspects of your life, such as work and study.

​This unit will give you an understanding behind the theory of what makes good sports coaches and activity leaders and methods that can be employed to improve the performance of participants. You will explore the roles and responsibilities of coaches and leaders and how these differ from each other and others involved in delivering and teaching sport and physical activity. The main part of the unit is related to you developing the skills and understanding necessary to effectively plan and deliver a series of sports or activity sessions reflecting on your own practice and using this feedback to improve your performance as a sports coach or activity leader.