The RSL Subsidiary Diploma is a 90 credit certificate at Level 3. The core units in this performance pathway are:

Large Project (Rehearsal Skills and Live Performance) which is a 30 credit unit undertaken in Year 13. This is externally assessed, and we can't start it until the brief is released in January of your final year.

Planning for a Career In Music is another core unit, which is a 15 credit unit, which is assessed internally.

The rest of the course, and the units mostly undertaken in Year 12 are:
  • Composing Music (Solo)
  • Listening to Music
  • Session Musician
  • Digital Recording and Production
These units can be downloaded below:

New Year 12 - Summer Task

Task 1: Access the PDF below, then read (and digest) all 11 points. (Source Q Magazine July 2018)

Task 2: Create a digital Presentation, articulating each of the 11 points in your own words, ready to present to the class, on your return to SJH in September 2019

If you do require any advice, feel free to email me over the Summer at: j.cleverley@sjhcsc.co.uk

Set: 16th July 2019
Due: September 5th 2019

Holistic Songwriting

​Task 1: Watch 3 of the short film from the YouTube channel called Holistic Songwriting
Task 2: Make your own notes and keep in your folder.

Set: 12 March 2018
Due: 19th March 2018

MUSPRA 318 - Listening to Music Survey

Complete the 2 surveys below.

Set: 13th November
Due: 20th November