Extended Project Qualification

If you have questions or any issues about your project, it is vital that you ask for support.

You can discuss your projects in your EPQ sessions but staff are also available outside of lessons or via email if you have queries or need to check your progress / research.

Your EPQ Student Record 2018-19

You will be assessed (graded) on the content you include in your Student Record Log.

This booklet needs to be completed as you progress through your project. You will need to give DEPTH and DETAIL in each section. You will need to summarise your progress, your changes and your discussions with your supervisor throughout the booklet.

The student record logs can be found below. You must make sure you update this as you go along and that you save this on a USB stick - you should also back these student records up by saving elsewhere each time.

Deadlines and Expectations

During the extended project you will be expected to

  • Communicate with your supervisors / staff
  • Keep up to date with your Student Record Log
  • Research thoroughly over the Summer and during your project
  • Follow all guidelines on plagiarism
  • Adhere to referencing guidelines
  • Be open to new ideas (based on research and findings)
  • Commit to the project and attend ALL planned sessions 
Your deadlines for your EPQ for 2018-19 will be added here in September 2018. 

Useful Documents