Year 11 Sociology Topics & Homework

1 Social Inequality

Social Inequality Part 1

Social Stratification
  • Define this word (hierarchy)
  • Know the four main ways we can be stratified
  • Know what separates the hierarchy
Life Chances
  • What are life chances?
  • How can we increase life chances?
  • What have the government done to increase life chances? (Pupil Premium)
Forms of Stratification
  • Social Class System
  • Caste System
  • Social mobility
  • Ascribed vs Achieved status with examples
  • What are the differences between these two main systems?
  • What is the Marxist view towards inequality?
  • What is the feminist view towards inequality?
  • What is the functionalist view towards inequality? (Meritocracy)
Measuring Social Class
  • Name a scale
  • Know ways how to separate the classes:
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Power etc
  • Absolute poverty and the poverty line
  • Relative poverty
Consequences of Poverty
  • Poverty trap
  • Poor health
  • Poor housing
  • Poor education
  • Can't get a job
  • Social exclusion
Getting out of Poverty
  • Poverty trap
  • Poor health so spend all money on medication
  • Welfare pays more than jobs
  • Can't get a job
  • Can't buy in bulk
  • Scrounge on welfare instead
  • Underclass (given up?)

Social Inequality Part 2

Gender Inequalities
  • Are the genders equal in society?
  • Glass ceiling
  • Triple shift
  • Invisible work
  • Pregnancy
  • Discrimination
  • Stereotyping in meda
  • Sex discrimination acts
  • Less biased media
Ethnicity Inequalities
  • Are the ethnic minorities treated equally in society?
  • Unemployment rates
  • Institutional racism
  • Discrimination
  • Stereotypes in media
  • Increase in media coverage
  • Role models
  • Racial discrimination acts
  • Positive promotions in the work place (Obama)
Age Inequalities
  • Are the different ages treated equally in society?
  • No experience
  • Immature
  • Useless, clumsy
  • Too old
  • Can't learn anything new
  • About to retire
  • Ageism acts
12-mark Questions
It is impossible to predict, but, I can guide.
You need to be able to:
  • Compare the different factors that affect inequality and discuss how they are all bad.
  • Discuss whose fault poverty is: society's fault or the individual's fault?

Key Words

Social Inequality
Social Stratification
Ascribed Status
Achieved Status
Social Class System
Caste System
Social Mobility
Life Chances
Social Class
Glass Ceiling
Sex Discrimination
Triple Shift
Emotional Work
Invisible Work
Racial Discrimination
Institutional Racism
Absolute Poverty/Poverty Line
Relative Poverty
Social Exclusion
Poverty Trap
​Welfare Scrounger