Expectations of a Sixth Form Student

We want you to develop good habits and routines as part of Sixth Form life. All students will follow a highly structured full time timetable and are expected to attend all planned sessions including Period 0, Supported Study sessions and weekly seminars and lessons.  When you are not in lessons you will be allocated supported study sessions where the emphasis is on focused study using approved revision techniques.
As you progress from Year 12 into Year 13 you will be supported with your HE/Apprenticeship applications and relevant work experience opportunities.   This is a chance for students to develop their academic profile and to think carefully about their own interests and next steps.

Any absences from registration or lessons at Sir John Hunt, or at any partner sites, will be closely monitored. Outstanding attendance and conduct is essential for achievement and success and is a condition of being a member of the Sixth Form.


As a Sixth Form student we expect you to challenge yourself, become independent in your learning, be involved in the life of the Sixth Form and the wider community and be an excellent role model for the lower school pupils. We also believe that punctuality, organisation, hard work, meeting deadlines and positive communication are all skills that employers will seek in their recruitment from all of you.
All Sixth Form students are required to take part in timetabled Higher Education Week where you will attend a number of trips and seminars that will advise you in the process of applying to university. You will visit different types of universities and get a feel for university life. This is a fantastic week that gives you the advice and guidance needed for you to be able to make an informed decision on your future.

All of these aspects of Sixth Form life are covered in the Sixth Form Student Contract that you are asked to agree to and sign when you join us.   Our commitment to supporting you through your courses is also a core element of this agreement.

Your teaching staff will have high expectations and their teaching, marking and assessment will be of a very high standard. All Sixth Form students will complete regular assessments in Year 12 and mock exams in Year 13 which will inform reports and interventions aimed at supporting students to improve at every opportunity. 

Dress Code

There is no uniform in the Sixth Form, but we expect common sense and acceptable standards of dress. You are also role models for pupils in the lower school and representatives of the Sixth Form in the community. Your appearance therefore needs to be neat and tidy, not present a health and safety hazard and show that you are on site to learn. Therefore, high heeled shoes, bare midriffs, low cut tops and excessive piercings are unacceptable, as are baseball caps, hoods and offensive slogans on clothing inside school and Sixth Form. Any issues around dress code and individual rulings not covered by the above will be decided on by members of the Sixth Form Team. 

Your ID badges need to been worn so staff and other students or college visitors can see them.

What to do if...

I am going to be absent and won't be in a lesson or at my placement? 

Call the Sixth Form office (01752 201020) between 8:00 and 9:00 am to inform us of your absence. If your Home Sixth Form is Sir John Hunt, we will notify any partner sites on your behalf.   Alternatively you can email us to notify us of an absence using sixthformadmin@sjhcsc.co.uk.  

However, you are also expected to contact individual subject staff yourself to catch up on missed work wherever possible. If you come to Sir John Hunt as a guest student from one of our partner schools, please notify your Home Sixth Form of any absences.

I miss my arranged transport between sites? 

Contact the Sixth Form admin team on (01752) 201020.

A lesson is cancelled? 

KS5 lessons are never cancelled. In the rare event your teacher is absent, your teacher will always set work for you to complete and your class room will be available to complete your study. If a lesson is cancelled or a teacher is absent at a partner site, we will be able to inform you as soon as possible and often before you reach their site. We will always let you know in advance if we can. Work will always be set for you and if you are at the Partner school and a lesson is cancelled unexpectedly, you will be expected to stay there and complete the work independently.
As a Sixth Form student, you would be expected to spend any of these unexpected occasions in supported study in the Sixth Form Centre.

I am unhappy in my studies in any way? 

Speak to your Sixth Form tutor and to subject staff in the first instance and as soon as possible. Many students will have questions or difficulties at the start of their new courses, and all staff are here to help make the transition into Sixth Form studies as comfortable as possible for you.

If there continues to be a problem, Mr Dunkerley and Mr Fort are here to offer advice and help you to find solutions to problems; if you are on a Vocational course and you have any questions or problems with a placement or Training Provider, Sixth Form staff  are on hand to help.