17 January 2020

Year 7 Mathematics Masterclass

Four students in Year 7 had been selected to go on a trip for the day to Plymouth University, to explore subjects in Mathematics that are beyond the classroom. 

These students were Lewis, Evie, Emily and Ryan. The students studied Polyhedrons, Flexagons, and touched on Topology. They were particularly amazed about the Flexagons as they were like magic tricks! They were also amazed that a doughnut is mathematical to a mug, which if they went to study Mathematics at University, they could prove this. The Möbias Strip was another activity that the students enjoyed. All of the students were buzzing with excitement after the day and said it was fantastic. 

Throughout the day, the students engagement and behaviour was outstanding. If you see them around the College, please congratulate them on their exceptional behaviour and involvement on this trip.

Miss Richards
Mathematics HTLA