1 June 2018

Yr 7 Bloodhound Rocket Cars Blast Off!

Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) aims to break the land speed record for the fastest speed recorded on land by a car by being the first to reach 1000mph. As part of the project, Bloodhound Education have set schools the challenge of making their own rocket powered cars to race against each other with the winning team getting a VIP trip to South Africa to visit where Bloodhound will attempt to break the 1000mph barrier.
Rocket Car participents

Students in Year 7 have been learning about science and engineering through the Bloodhound Race for the Line Competition, where students in teams have designed, built and tested a working rocket car with the aim of making it to the regional finals. Over a period of several weeks the students researched aerodynamics and practised shaping pieces of material to work out what designs would be possible in their final cars. Once designs were completed, work started on the cars, using a variety of tools and techniques in our technology department.

On Thursday 22nd February, members of the Royal Navy came in to help students launch their rocket cars on the school MUGA. With over 40 cars produced, using a variety of tools and materials, students were keen to find out which design would be fastest through the timing gate. The aim was that each car, powered by a rocket motor, would be timed over the distance of 1m when at top speed and this time converted to a speed in miles per hour. The fastest time achieved was 39.18mph, which is impressive for a 30cm long car made of foam.

Students learnt that the fastest designs were those with the lightest wheels, minimal size and with good aerodynamics. Three teams of students have successfully made it through to the regional finals on 26th April at HMNB Devonport where they will compete against other local schools with a chance to go to the national final. 

You can follow @SJH_Science on twitter for more videos of the event and take a look at the following hashtags on social media for more information and photos. #RFTL #Takeacloserlook #Rocketcar #NAC

Mr Waite
Assistant Curriculum Lead for Science, Curriculum Lead for Computer Science