1 February 2018

Year 7 MAT Aim High Event at Marjon

On Thursday 8th of February fourteen Year 7 MAT students were invited to attend Marjon’s Aim High Event, which is designed to inspire young children to consider going to university in the future. We had a tour of the campus and found out interesting facts along the way and it’s safe to say that the gaming room and climbing wall were the stand-out favourite facilities that the university offers its students!
We also had a psychology taster session with another college to experience the level of thinking that is done in a degree. Despite the students from the other college being older, Sir John Hunt students dominated this session and were constantly volunteering to answer questions and even stand at the front of the classroom to explain their answers or demonstrate psychological experiments.

Our day ended looking at the clubs and societies that universities offer and the students worked in teams to create their own club or society. They had to work out how much it would cost to join their society, what they would do, how often they would meet and the benefits their society would offer prospective members. They presented their ideas and advertising campaigns to students from other colleges and from Marjon.

They also had an opportunity to ask current Marjon students about life at university and the process of getting into higher education. Some examples of these questions were: “How do you pay for university?” and “Do you get to see your family much?”. We had a really good day and all agreed that the day had really made us think about going to university in the future. Some quotes from the group included: “I’m definitely going to university” and “I can’t wait to go to university”.

Miss Davenport
MFL Teacher/MAT Coordinator