15 November 2023

Values Week Update

During this years values week, our students travelled far and wide to experience a range of opportunities focusing upon our core College values of Ambition, Endeavour and Respect. 

The week was an incredible experience for all students involved who were amazing throughout the week.

Next week we see the launch of our Values week for 2024. All students will be given information in assembly, about the exciting opportunities planned for next year. Please see the highlights below, of our most recent values week to give you an idea of what could be in store!

Mr Beynon
Enrichment Lead

Culture Capital

Setting out on the longest journey, were our students heading to London on the Culture Capitals trip. Having caught the early Monday morning train, they embarked upon a journey that would see them visit many of the amazing sites that London has to offer. This included, The Houses of Parliament, Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben, the Tower of London and many of the amazing museums.

On the first full day, the group were transported to the magical world of Harry Potter! One birthday boy in the group even got to open the doors to the Great Hall. On Wednesday the group had an interesting tour of the Houses of Parliament. This followed a law & debate workshop, which became rather heated as they debated a theoretical bill about free transport for under 18's!

In the Tower of London the group were lucky enough to witness the Ceremony of the Word, where the Officer of the Guard and escort march to collect the Word (the after hours password which changes daily). That evening also included a trip to the West End to see Wicked which was a highlight for many of the group.  Thursday continued the defying gravity theme, with a spin around the London Eye. The group also enjoyed the fabulous river boat tour looking at the historic River Thames and its riverside buildings. That afternoon we had a walk from the South Bank to Leicester Square, including seeing the Cenotaph and Trafalgar Square before a spot of retail therapy in the Lego Store.  
Ms Holden
Head of Chemistry

Surfing Safari

Another one of our residential trips was the Surfing Safari trip, with camping on the beach. This week proved to be a really exciting week with students learning to surf whilst embracing the beautiful beaches of Cornwall. This week was made extra special with a variety of beach activities being run on the hot sands during the day and evening. 

Mr Salter
Year 7 Pastoral Leader

Farm to Fork

Farm to fork is a special trip which gives the students the opportunity to learn where their food really comes from. Whether by land or sea, the students experience catching or collecting their food with the aim of cooking it in a final feast. This year's trip was excellent with some of our young food stars demonstrating classic culinary skills.  

Mrs Laity
Catering Teacher

Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild is always an exciting trip and this years was no different. The students headed to some of the best places Devon has to offer including Splashdown, Tamar Trails and the dark caves at Kent's Cavern. To round off the week the students visited Woodlands Theme Park to tackle the water slides, toboggans and pirate ship! The students had a great time participating in a variety of activities and we can’t wait to do it all again next year! 

Mr Walker
KS5 Mathematics Lead

Horse Riding

One of our long-standing trips was the horse riding lessons at Wembury Riding School. This place was once again the perfect setting for students that have a range of experience with horses and other animals. The group learn the basics of horsemanship in order to prepare them for venturing out along the coast and doing treks through miles of woodland. 

Mr Fitzwater
KS3 English Lead

Pick and Mix

Pick and Mix was once again another popular trip with three coaches heading to the various theme parks and attractions dotted around the southwest. The students got close to the wildlife at Paignton Zoo, with the baby orangutan being a firm favourite! They also put their adrenaline to the test at Crealy, but for many of the students their favourite day was a visit to the waterpark.

Splashdown gave them the chance to test their nerve as they flew down the waterslides, luckily on what was one of the hottest days. There were ice creams all round at the end of the week to celebrate their excellent behaviour and demonstration of our core values at each of the venues.

Mrs Derby
Mathematics Teacher

All Sports

All sports saw the students take on many different sporting activities throughout the week. Some of the activities were on site, and then the week was capped off with a superb swimming gala at the Mount wise pool. The students demonstrated exceptional skill in the invasion games such as bench ball, football and basketball, with some great passing skills on show. They experienced a number of different striking and fielding games, and they showed awesome hand eye coordination skills in rounders and cricket. We also played both table tennis and badminton and the group played with a great level of skill and finesse. 

On day three we went to Tenpin bowling, where they were able to show their skills on the lanes with lots of 'strikes' and 'spares' to be seen! The group were then treated to private use of all three Mount Wise swimming pools on the final day. Despite the chilly water, the group had a great time, and it was a lovely way to finish the week.  

Mrs Legg
Head of English

Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy saw some of our football fanatics challenge themselves to a week of high-quality football coaching and games. The group marched to Manadon, the home of football each day for a full day of football frenzy! With some great goals and memorable moments being made, the boys loved living the life of a footballer! They were well and truly beaten by the end of the week, and was no doubt a quiet weekend for parents!

The Argyle coaches and academy players were extremely impressed with the endeavour shown by Sir John Hunt FC. Lee Hodges, former Premier League player and Argyle legend, was in awe of how our SJH students turned up each day and displayed their skills! He described Lee and Mason as the human wall! Mr Kershaw, Mr Gleeson and Mr Cooper could not be more proud of the whole group. It was fantastic to see some of our students really flourish and grow as people. 

Mr Kershaw
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

Art and Culture

During the week we headed to The Box, for some specialist work within the art world. The students completed some incredible designs replicating their findings upon their return. This was a week full of exciting opportunities and an interesting insight into the art world.  

Miss Gamble 
Art Teacher

Geek Week

Geek week saw the students experience a range of exciting and different modes of technology in action. Day one saw them develop ideas and designs ahead of using the 3D printers, and creating keepsakes and memorabilia from the week. Day two involved visiting the 360-degree immersive dome at the Market Hall, to experience 360 films and the opportunity to make their own film. During day three students worked on a variety of physical computing challenges, including programming electronics and robotics. The final day saw them head to the VR centre in Plymouth, at which students participated in a range of gaming opportunities from across the ages.  

Mr Waite
Head of Biology

Extreme Week

Extreme Week saw 10 students take part in surfing, paddle boarding, tree surfing and Adrenaline Quarry. They set off at the start of the week travelling to Bigbury beach, for two days of surfing and paddle boarding lessons. We were extremely lucky, as the weather was beautiful and the students got to experience the coast at its best. As the sea was calm, the group were able to paddleboard around the island and back, with only a few falling in from time to time!

Day three saw the students transfer from water to trees, as we travelled to Tavistock for tree surfing at Tamar Trails. For some this was a scary experience, as it was out of their comfort zone. They all demonstrated resilience and perseverance to complete the high trees obstacle course regardless of their fear. Some students even climbed 69 feet up a tree, before being clipped to the zip line to travel back down to ground level!

Day four was by far the day the students were most looking forward to, as it was Adrenaline Quarry. The group began the day by experiencing the big swing, this was not for the faint hearted! It is fair to say, Miss Rose and Mr Capstack will never be going on it again! In the final part of the week the group tightly fastened their back packs and zipped down, along the quarry where they ended at the aqua park. After bouncing, running and jumping on the assault course, the group were finally ready to travel back to school and enjoy their summer holiday. This week was an incredible experience for all students involved who were amazing all week!

Mr Capstack
Science Technician