1 January 2018

Spelling Aficionados Battle for Victory

There are twenty six letters in the alphabet and one hundred and seventy one thousand four hundred and seventy six words in the English language.
We gave three hundred of the trickiest words to our Year 7’s who volunteered to participate in our Spelling Bee. There was much edge of the seat excitment as the students grappled with the spelling of: paradigm, plethora and pneumonia, quintessential, querulous and quandary, sanctimonious, succulent and sovereign, as well as many others.

Unexpectedly, it was the homophone round which proved many competitors’ undoing, who would have thought it? The whole competition was more gripping than The Hunger Games.

Ultimately, there can be only one winner and this time it came down to a difference of one single point before Allan was crowned the winner, with Alanis his very formidable adversary. Everyone did spectacularly and should be very proud of themselves.

Miss Hoatson
English Teacher