14 December 2018

Royal Society of Chemistry Top of the Bench 2018

On Wednesday 12th December, a team that comprised of two Year 9’s, a Year 10, and a Year 11 student, travelled to Exeter University to compete against other colleges from the southwest in the annual RSC Top of the Bench competition.

After an initial introduction to the event, the students were challenged with their first practical task – to calculate the acidity of a range of drinks and put them in order using titration.

This task was followed by a team quiz on Chemistry and after a tour around the campus at lunch, a final practical challenge to work out the most effective indigestion remedy, using titration again, but with no instructions to assist.

Our team worked incredibly hard to produce their results, and although not winning the competition, they learnt a new set of scientific skills and experienced working in a university Chemistry laboratory.

Mr Waite
Assistant Curriculum Lead for Science