1 January 2018

'Question Time' for MP Johnny Mercer

On Friday the 9th February our sixth form students were visited by our local Conservative MP, Johnny Mercer. The students had prepared a series of questions for Mr Mercer covering a wide range of topics including; tuition fees, NHS funding, border controls, immigration, Britain’s exit from the European Union, military cuts and policing.
The students were able to ask questions and to get a feel for the enormous array of issues facing the current government in what was an excellent session. The enthusiasm and interest among our sixth formers was fantastic and it was great to see them so engaged in matters which are increasingly affecting their lives as they move towards the final stages of their education.

Our sixth formers were keen to point out that, over the coming months, they are are hoping to invite representatives from the other main political parties in the interests of balance!

Mr Fort
Assistant Head of Sixth Form