28 August 2020

Principal's September Return Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to write for a final time before the start of the new academic year to update you on a few things.

Student Support Survey
Firstly, we are conscious that families in our community have been affected by Coronavirus and subsequent the College closure in different ways and to varying extents. So that we can ensure that we provide the best possible support for your child when they start back at College in September we would be extremely grateful if you could complete this survey as honestly as possible. Your answers will help us to tailor individualised support where necessary:

Face Coverings
I’m sure you will have seen that the Government have made changes to their guidance on face coverings in schools so I wanted to write to you to clarify the College’s position on them. Please see below the latest guidance from the Government.

Our position on the matter of face coverings remains broadly the same as previously, however our position is as follows:

Face Coverings in indoor communal areas:
The Government’s latest guidance states that;

‘Nationwide, the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary in education settings generally because a system of control, applicable to all education environments, provides additional mitigating measures. Schools and colleges will have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas where social distancing cannot be safely managed, if they believe that it is right in their particular circumstances.’

Due to the College being in a relatively new building with ample ventilation, and in conjunction with other mitigating health safety and hygiene measures that will be in place, I do not feel that we need to insist that students and staff wear face coverings. However we will allow students and staff to wear face coverings in indoor communal areas if they choose to do so. It will be the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure that all students wishing to wear a face covering in indoor communal areas, follow the Government’s guidance on their safe wearing, storage, and disposal. Students who do not observe this guidance will be considered as failing to comply with our health, safety, and hygiene arrangements.

Please see the ‘How to wear a face covering’ section of the Government’s guidance on face coverings below.

Please note that, as per this guidance, we will allow disposable or reusable face coverings (reusable face coverings will need to washed daily) that are secured to the head with ties or ear loops, but NOT scarves, bandanas, handkerchiefs or other improvised coverings.

Face Coverings in Classrooms:
The Government’s latest guidance states that;

‘On the basis of current evidence, in light of the mitigating measures education settings are taking, and the negative impact on communication, face coverings will not generally be necessary in the classroom even where social distancing is not possible.’.

Based on this guidance we are not going to allow face coverings to be worn in classrooms and other teaching spaces.

Free School Meals Pre-orders
I wanted to remind you that that we will be able to provide a packed lunch to those students are in receipt of free school meals, but parents/carers must pre-order their meals through ParentPay by Friday each week for the following week. Please pre-order for the first week back by Friday 4th September 2020. ParentPay are currently working on updating their systems to enable SJH parents/carers to place their orders from Tuesday 1st September. If for any reason this is not available we will contact all FSM parents to complete a survey monkey providing their choices for the first week back.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your support in taking the time to read the guidance that we have sent out in order for our students to safely and successfully return to College. We very much look forward to welcoming them back on Tuesday 8th September at our new start time of 8.30am.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs J Bevan