6 May 2020

Principal letter to all students

Dear Students,

As we have been closed now for seven weeks, I wanted to write to you to let you know we are all thinking of you and to give you some advice and guidance. When we have more information from the Government about lockdown restrictions being lifted and how to open the College, I will contact you again.

As I write this letter to you, I am sitting at my desk and the bell has just gone, the corridors are empty and I miss standing outside my door, saying to you ‘keep to the left’ or ‘tuck your shirt in’ What I miss the most, however, is feeling your energy, seeing your smiling faces and hearing you laughing and joking with your friends.

If we were in assembly now, I would be telling you these three things:

1. Kindness
Be kind to the people who you live with, we all have times when we are worried and scared. It is hard for parents and carers too. What does being kind look like? It looks like this; helping out at home, such as doing the washing up (without being asked), playing a game with your brother or sister (without arguing) or volunteering to do jobs around the house and that includes keeping your bedroom tidy. Try to avoid saying ‘I’m bored’ and find something to do. Kindness is free.

2. Stay happy and healthy
We do not know how long this type of living arrangement is going to last, so it is good to get into a routine that is going to help you through this as a family. General routines are important - get up, wash and dress, use your one hour exercise time outside, read a book or do an activity you enjoy and be creative. If you are worried and scared, then this is perfectly normal, just don’t worry too much. The biggest brains in the world are trying to solve this pandemic and are working on ways to help keep us all safe. We can’t change this situation but we can find new and different ways to enjoy life and stay happy. Below is a really good link that I think you should look at.

3. Superheroes not magicians
Your teachers are amazing and are my superheroes! They have planned some really good lessons for you to do at home so you need to do these. If you get stuck, please email your teacher to help you. If you are not doing any work at home, then when you do come back to school, you will be behind and your teachers have no ‘magic’ to help you to catch up on the work you have missed. We expect that you will have gaps in your learning but not massive holes. Remember, it was a long time ago that your mum, dad or your carer went to school and they will not be experts in all of your subjects, so do not get frustrated with them if they cannot help you. Please email your teachers, or ask your parents/carer to email.

When we are all back together again and the College is fully open, I would like us to have something to look forward to, therefore please could you start thinking of ideas of activities or events that you would like to do with your year group? Your Pastoral Leader will collect your ideas, once we are open and we can start to make some plan.

At times, it seems like the world is only talking about the virus but, if you take the time to look, there are amazing things happening around the world too; take a look at the beautiful news website below and you will see what I mean. Let me know your favourite slide and why. It may be, like me, your favourite is the slide that shows that the number of wild tigers is increasing year on year!

Finally, be kind, be safe and be happy. I very much look forward to welcoming you back when the College re-opens and you will fill the College with your energy once again.

Best wishes,

Mrs Bevan