12 July 2019

Period Poverty

Students taking the first step in reducing Period Poverty

Nine students from Sir John Hunt were invited to a meeting with Lindsey Hall, RIO and Chair of the Plymouth Period Poverty Commission. All Schools will be getting funding to reduce period poverty in Plymouth. Students were able to discuss and explore the issues of period poverty in groups. They had come up with proposals to spend the money and deliver the ambition to reduce period poverty in Plymouth. 

Our students from the college came up with brilliant ideas. It was amazing to see the students so passionate about this and were fully on board with the objective discussed. Our students are a credit to the College as they all had the confidence and drive to stand up and voice their ideas to everyone.
The feedback from the students shown to me how much they enjoyed the day and were keen to put these ideas into our College. The students will have a follow up meeting with Lindsey Hall again in September.

Miss Richards
Maths HLTA