18 March 2019

Parental Engagement Survey 2018/19 feedback

I would like to thank all of the parents that took part in this year’s Parental Engagement survey. The results were incredibly informative and have been discussed in detail with our senior leadership team.

I have included, for your reference, a summary of the themes that emerged from the survey and most importantly an outline of what we will be doing to drive forward parental engagement improvement:


Points that you raised:
• You said we are good at informing you of negative behaviour but not as proactive at letting you know when your child has done well.
• You also said you were unsure when and why your child has received praise from us.

What we will do as a result:
• Create opportunities and encourage our staff to contact you when your child deserves praise.
• Invest in the SIMs Parent App which will provide greater detail for praise points being awarded the reasons why.
• Praise will be displayed on all student reports.
• The College will review the praise policy to ensure it meets our students' needs.
• Parent App link: http://www.sjhcsc.co.uk/parents/sims-parent-app

Enrichment Activities

Points that you raised:
• You said that you can sometimes find it difficult to know when opportunities are on.
• You also said that while you appreciated the range of activities that the College provided, it would be even better if more creative options were available.

What we will do as a result:
• Email you an enrichment programme termly. The programme will also be published on our new College website.
• We are very grateful for the additional time and effort that staff put into enrichment activities. However next year we will review the activities we publish and ensure creative options are available.


Points that you raised:
• You have said that many of our communication methods meet your current needs, however there is room for improvement

What we will do as a result:
• As a result of the survey we recently implemented a paperless communication strategy utilising the College website and email which was your preferred method of communication. We have enhanced this strategy with the launch of a Parent App. If you haven't yet signed up for the app we would encourage you to do so.
• Parent App link: http://www.sjhcsc.co.uk/parents/sims-parent-app

College Events

Points that you raised:
• You have let us know which events you value the most.
• You also stated that some of our events could be improved, particularly Parents' Evenings.
• Finally, you asked if there was any more you could do (as parents) to support your son or daughter with their revision in Year 11.

What we will do as a result:
• We are in the process of ensuring that our schedule of events combines as many events as possible so that each time you visit us you are able receive as much information as possible. This will reduce the need for you to attend several events e.g. next year we will combine our Parents' Evenings with other events such as Options Evening or Revision Workshops.
• We have launched our new Parent App which gives access to information on your child regarding progress, praise, conduct and attendance. We will ensure that you will be notified when the most up to date reports have been published for you to view before Parents' Evenings so that you can read your child's report before you book appointments with their teachers.
• We are in the process of developing a new revision strategy which will be launched to parents and students in the coming weeks. It is hoped this will help you in supporting your son/daughter in what is a crucial part of their exam preparation.


Points that you raised:
• Most of you stated that homework projects were a good and often a popular option, however some of you felt that some homework tasks could be improved.
• Some of you expressed concern that the focus appears to centre on quantity over quality.

What we will do as a result:
• We will make sure homework tasks are clearly explained by the teacher and always link clearly to your lessons and wider learning.
• We will make sure that all homework tasks are easy to access for you and your child/children.
• We will reaffirm at whole staff professional development the need for a focus on choice of tasks to match preferred learning styles and homework quality.
• Homework link http://www.sjhcsc.co.uk/students/homework

Once again, thank you for your contributions, I hope that these improvements will see our engagement with you grow even stronger. If you have any further comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at the College.

Mr Carpenter
Assistant Principal