20 November 2018

Duke of Edinburgh News

This is a very busy time for the Duke Of Edinburgh Award students; the Year 9 students are beginning their physical, skill and volunteering sections, whilst the Year 10 are trying to get them finished and signed off.

We recently took a minibus full of volunteers to Beechwood Primary school to help with the activities on their Year 6 sleepover. Our students helped the Year 6 write poetry, build a fire, sing songs and play team-building games. In return we were given a feast of pizzas and ice cream! Thank you very much to Mrs Evans and the Beechwood staff for their generosity.

All our volunteers over the last year have contributed the equivalent of £1,558 of work to the local community; another reason why the DofE Award is so useful.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Coach