11 February 2019

Curriculum Student Voice results go from strength to strength

Every year we ask all of our students to give us their feedback on how we are doing across the full range of subjects they experience on a scale of 1-10.

The results from this year were once again overwhelming with the positive rating that the students gave us across KS3 and 4.  

The results are summarised below: 

My teacher helps me do my best even when I find work difficult                                              84%
My teacher gives me work that challenges me                                                                               84%
My teacher makes sure I understand what I need to do to improve                                        85%
My teacher allows me to enjoy my lessons and learn                                                                    83%
My teacher listens to what students have to say in lessons                                                         87%
My teacher manages the behaviour in my lessons well                                                                 88%
My teacher encourages me to be independent and think for myself                                        84%
My teacher gives me good feedback and time to improve my work                                         82%
My teacher sets me homework which supports my learning.                                                      80%

The individual subject results will now be shared with our curriculum teams to enable them to focus on what they can do to improve even further.   We would like to thank all the students for taking part in our survey.

Mr Carpenter
Assistant Principal