10 November 2023

College Prefects

We are delighted to announce the selection of our Year 11 Prefects for the upcoming term. Please join us in extending our warmest congratulations to the following students who have demonstrated exceptional qualities and commitment during the rigorous application process:

Alisha, Ben, Liam, Will, Lewis, Elliott, Lilah, Amie, Autumn, Isabella, Nathan, Lexi and Biniam.

These students have not only met but surpassed the criteria set for the Prefect role, showcasing the values that are integral to our College: Ambition, Endeavour, and Respect.

We commend each Prefect for their dedication and effort throughout the selection process. Their achievements have earned them the prestigious silver tie, symbolising their responsibility and leadership within our school community.

The role of Prefect is a vital one, as these students will serve as exemplary figures embodying the values that define our College. We have no doubt that they will contribute positively to the school environment, inspiring their peers and fostering a culture of excellence.

For those students who were not selected this time, we encourage further applications during the upcoming opportunity in December. 

Mr Mike Carpenter
Assistant Principal