16 October 2018

Celebration Events 2018

Over 150 awards were presented to students this week at our annual Celebration assemblies. The two ceremonies were supported by every student in Years 8 to 12 as the College acknowledged a wide range of student accomplishments from last academic year.

To present the awards we were honoured to welcome our guest speaker Conrad Humphreys who has spent over two decades as a professional yachtsman. He has sailed around the world three times, competed as the youngest entrant in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race and as skipper, he led his team to victory in the BT Global Challenge, dominating the race and winning 4 out of 7 legs. Most recently Conrad was the professional skipper on board the tiny 23 ft open boat, Bounty’s End in the recreation of Captain Bligh’s epic story of survival, Mutiny on the Bounty for Channel 4. Using only traditional navigation equipment and surviving off the same meagre rations as Bligh, nine men were cast adrift 35 miles to the south of Tofua near the Kingdom of Tonga in a replica boat. Their mission, to survive and safely navigate across 4000 miles of open ocean to Kupang, Timor and recreate one of the world’s greatest open boat voyages of British history. The Channel 4 series is still available to download from https://www.channel4.com/programmes/mutiny (although I have been warned as they become low on rations the crew mates language deteriorates, so check with an adult before watching!) His message to us all was clear, be persistent in our beliefs and don’t lose sight of our goals by following others. 

The full list of those students awarded can be found below.

Mr Carpenter
Assistant Principal | Pastoral Leader