22 October 2019

Celebration assemblies 2019

The awards ceremony, which celebrated the achievements from last academic year, saw over 160 students, from across KS3 and KS4, pick up over 230 awards.

This guest of honour was Antony Jinman, a modern day polar explorer and educational entrepreneur. 

In 2014 Antony skied 730 miles solo to the Geographic South Pole in just 46 days, whilst interacting with over 8000 pupils in schools around the world. Upon reaching the pole he made history by becoming the 12th Briton ever to have reached both the Geographic North and South Poles, his very own Olympic polar gold. His message was one of inspiration with a key message that linked very well to our College attributes of resilience and perseverance. He stressed that success is like an iceberg, highlighting that we all concentrate on the 10% of the victories that rise above the surface but often ignore the 90% of unseen failures and hardships which make up the foundations of any worthwhile achievements.

Congratulations go to all of our prize winners.

Mr Carpenter
Assistant Principal