28 june 2019

Awesome outdoors

Awesome Outdoors was truly… Awesome! 

A perfect start to the week was when the forecast predicted sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine and that is exactly what we got! A fantastic week which gave students the opportunity to participate in multiple adventurous activities whilst making new friends and learning new skills. 
On Monday, we took a trip to Ansteys Cove in Torquay where the students participated in Coasteering. Whilst the first dip in the sea was very cold, the rays of sunshine plus lots of splashing and jumping allowed us to get warm quickly. Aidan also managed to complete his lifelong dream in touching the famous ‘Wilson’, better known to all of us as a buoy. Many students conquered fears, with the majority jumping the 8-metre jump! 
With the sun still shinning, Tuesday saw us at Oreston in Plymstock where we continued our awesome week. We started at Oreston slipway, where students were practising key canoeing skills, such as manoeuvring the canoe, paddle strokes and a safety brief on what to do if you capsize. We decided to travel east up River Plym, where we would eventually arrive at a small beach by Saltram. Here the students participated in beach cricket, with Miss Robinson scoring the highest amount of runs! Catch of the day went to Nathan who dived into the water with a brilliant catch. We then ventured back to Oreston where we played canoe dodgeball and used our canoes as paddleboards!
By Wednesday with students giving 100% effort it was clear that some students were feeling the toll of how tiring adventurous activities can be. However, with great resilience the students motivated themselves to go again. We travelled to Shaugh Prior Bridge on Dartmoor where we walked to the Dewerstone to go rock climbing and abseiling. A great effort by everybody who climbed with bravery and great technique. 
On Thursday, we went back to Shaugh Prior Bridge where we enjoyed a gorge walk through the East Wood River. Whilst the sun was shining it was safe to say that the gorge was slightly cold… we warmed ourselves up by walking through the ‘splash zone’. A special mention to Tierney who pioneered a new route that found a waterfall! Students had a fantastic day, which was sealed off by playing camouflage and hide and seek in the woods. 

Sadly, we came to our last day. With many students down in the dumps about our week ending, we made way to Hound Tor near Bovey Tracey. We climbed the tor where the students took part in scrambling and weaselling through the rocks. We then made our way down to the English Heritage site, which consists of a cluster of 13th century stone longhouses from the medieval times. Here, we once again played the students favourite game of the week, camouflage! We finished the day with a well-earned McDonalds before heading back to College.

The student’s attitude, behaviour and commitment was outstanding. It was excellent to see so many happy faces throughout the week, with students improving their social and physical skills. A big thank you to Paul, Ben, Rhys and Josh from Plymouth School Sport Partnership for leading and supporting our week! I look forward to our next awesome outdoor adventure.

Chelsea Robinson 
KS3 Learning Mentor