1 October 2019

Students consider a caring career

It is a well known fact that the population is growing and that we are all living longer so to consider a career in Healthcare could be a wise choice.

In order to inspire students into such careers we welcomed a team of specialists from the hospital. The team arrived dressed in their uniform and armed with samples of the tools that they use within their roles.

Amongst the guests we welcomed a Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Radiographer and Neonatal Nurse. Each took it in turn to sit with different groups of students and talk about their work journey and the role that they now do. It gave students a real insight into the world of work, employer expectations and careers within the industry.

As a result of the session, 100% of students felt more knowledgeable about working life, salaries, working hours, life skills and they had more confidence. Better still is that they all felt more motivated to work hard at school which will help them to get a well paid job.

Miss Newberry

Careers Coordinator

our dietitian talking though equipment with students
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