The Science faculty prides itself on the quality of its provision and the hands on nature of its curriculum. Students are given a broad range of experiences developing their laboratory skills and understanding in the contexts of biology, chemistry and physics. All courses are well resourced with textbooks, practical equipment and web based interactive activities. Our faculty is housed in a suite of seven modern high specification laboratories which provide an excellent environment for learning to take place.

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Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Sir John Hunt Community Sports College is equipped with well over 300 computers for use by students. These are in seven suites that are used by all curriculum areas. iPads are also available for use across the College in all subjects, providing students with mobile access to the internet in classrooms, and to a range of educational apps. Key Stage 3 students have timetabled Computer Science lessons each week. The students are following schemes of work that include:  



Computer programming

Modelling Website creation  

Game making  

Students have access to a range of software including:  

MS Office Multimedia packages  

Python programming  

Flowol control software . 

At KS4 students Creative iMedia can be taken as an option:

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia

Students will complete 2 mandatory units through the course, and 2 optional units. 

The mandatory units consist of a 1 hr written paper on pre-production techniques, and a unit on creating digital graphics. 

Students will also complete 2 further units of coursework unit based on topics such as:

    Creating a digital comic strip

    Designing a concept for a computer game

    Creating a computer game

    Digital photography