Ks3 curriculum, Ks4 curriculum

Art and Design

Art and Design provision at Sir John Hunt aims to develop our learners' confidence, enjoyment and appreciation of a wide range of art forms. 

Students are encouraged to develop their potential through broad areas such as drawing, painting, critical and contextual studies, graphics, 3 dimensional design, sculpture and print making, building a foundation for the GCSE course beginning in Year 9.

We have two superb and well equipped light and airy art rooms which provide students with excellent learning environments. Students can take full advantage of the space and have the chance to engage fully with large scale work.

In Years 7 and 8 we aim to give learners a wide range of experiences to enable them to develop a broad range of technical and practical skills. Students are then confidently able to start working towards a GCSE in Art and Design in Year 9.

In Years 10 and 11 students' work starts to take on a more individualistic approach. Students make their own informed choices about the way in which their work will progress and develop, as they improve their practical skills and develop their own ideas, feelings and opinions through their artwork.

Students are able to use a variety of media to produce their artwork including: various types of paint, ink, textiles, clay and other modelling materials.