Key Stage 4

At KS4 we have developed a knowledge rich curriculum where students can extend their number and algebra competencies to application within geometry, statistics and measure. The design of the curriculum accommodates two overlapping tiers with a challenging selection of pathways enabling every student to make progress. All students retain knowledge and fluency of basic skills through following a low stakes quizzing programme in every lesson which strategically re-tests students at timed intervals to support long term memory. All students at KS4 are supported to revisit content covered through personalised areas for improvement and further independent areas of study through the ‘Hegarty Maths’ system for home learning.

Additional support 

• Period 0 study sessions – Students complete revision tasks using HegartyMaths. 
• Gained timed – students work with a specialist on their gaps in knowledge, which have been highlighted in their QLA’s from the most recent PPE’s.
• Period 7 – Students complete a period 7 lesson in mathematics each week focussing on exam technique covering topics from the previous weeks learning.

Assessment in mathematics aims to capture the progress students are making at three points throughout the academic year. This enables teachers to know which topics or aspects of topics to re-teach which were not grasped first time. Teachers can identify gaps in student learning and through effective feedback students can resolve misconceptions and swiftly develop further knowledge and skills.
Year 9
• Assessments at three points throughout the academic year on a 12-week cycle.

Year 10
• Assessments at three points throughout the academic year on a 12-week cycle.
• Assessments cover content taught up to each assessment point

Year 11
• Students sit three PPE cycles where students sit a full set of GCSE papers before their final GCSE exams at the end of year 11.

All students follow the reformed AQA GCSE (9-1) in mathematics.

Exam paper distribution: