Key Stage 3

At KS3 we have developed a mastery curriculum which develops confidence, builds on KS2 competencies and embeds Mathematical reasoning and problem solving. The KS3 Curriculum is focussed on number, ratio, algebra and shape as the fundamental Mathematics skills required to be able to access any subsequent content. All students at KS3 develop and refine written methods for numeracy through following the numeracy programme in every lesson. All students at KS3 are supported to revisit content covered through personalised areas for improvement and further independent areas of study through the ‘Hegarty Maths’ system for home learning.


Assessment in mathematics aims to capture the progress students are making at three points throughout the academic year. This enables teachers to know which topics or aspects of topics to re-teach which were not grasped first time. Teachers can identify gaps in student learning and through effective feedback students can resolve misconceptions and swiftly develop further knowledge and skills.

Year 7 
• Baseline assessment on entry.
• Assessments at three points throughout the academic year on a 12-week cycle.

Year 8 

• Assessments at three points throughout the academic year on a 12-week cycle.


Students are expected to complete a weekly homework task which will be set on Sparx. Sparx Maths creates an hour’s worth of tailored practice homework for each student each week. The practice is both challenging (to ensure students need to think) and, crucially, achievable (so that students can be successful). Sparx also ensure the practice uses spaced repetition and interleaving to support a change in students’ long term memories. Sparx is inclusive and can adapt to all students’ current level of expertise. This promotes engagement, confidence and ultimately learning.

Additional support 

• In class intervention – Students in year 7 receive specialist support from the SEN Numeracy lead to develop their arithmetic skills using a bespoke individualised programme.
• Learning club – Students in year 7 and year 8 can access the KS3 learning club to receive support with their homework.
• Sparx support club – Ran by Mr Salter and Mr Prowse every Tuesday for students who need help with their Sparx homework.