History at Sir John Hunt is all about studying the human past and helping students lo discover how the world we live in today has evolved and how things have come to be as they are. KS3 students study history once a week. The subject has been developed for learners of all abilities so that they can work at their own pace and level. Learners can express their ideas in a variety of ways:  


- Learning to think critically;  

- Working independently;  

- Co-operating with others.  

Students who wish to continue their studies at KS4 may do so. History at KS4 offers a range of topics of interest such as:  

- The history of medicine; 

- Health through time; 

- Germany 1919-1945; 

- The history of Plymouth. 

History forms part of the "English Baccalaureate" so makes it a very wise option at GCSC: level.

"The key to our future lies in understanding our past"