All students receive careers education and guidance, delivered through tutorial and tailored sessions from years 7 to 13. During KS3, students develop skills to find out about their personal qualities, develop enterprise skills through the National Tenner Campaign, and learn about careers that may interest them through directed assemblies, visits to and from businesses, and through using various careers advice software. Careers Advice and Guidance is also offered in year 8 during the options process, with support from a Careers Southwest personal advisor and our Careers Coordinator. During KS4, students develop their employability and soft skills through participation within the work experience programme placing them with a variety of employers across the city. In year 11 all students will receive an interview with a Careers Southwest advisor to assist them in deciding on their next steps, such as courses and future careers. They also focus on their pathways at 16 as well as attend various assemblies and visits to higher education establishments. In year 12 students have the opportunity to participate in the Aim Higher programme, spending a week in a choice of universities throughout the country to experience Higher Education courses and life as an under graduate. All year groups have access to a drop in or appointment provision with the school Careers Coordinator.

Work Experience

Each year Sir John Hunt places Year 10 students on work experience. With the support of local businesses, students gain experience in fields as diverse as engineering, sport and leisure, IT, public services, education, retail and health. Students have the opportunity to complete their one week’s work experience during enrichment week. This may be in support of a specific option or course or in a field of interest to the student. All places are checked and approved by Devon Education Business Partnership and any necessary Health and Safety training needed is funded for by the school. Throughout the week each student will be visited by a member of staff to ensure that the placement is running smoothly and that both the employer and the employee are happy. All visits are documented. Additional to this the student is provided with a work experience diary in which they can research into the company and log all of their activity. After successfully their work experience each student will receive a printed certificate.

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