3rd july

Enrichment Week 2020 Cancelled

Given the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus, combined with the consequent financial hardship this has created for many of our families, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s enrichment week. While this is naturally disappointing, we feel that by making this decision early we are able reduce uncertainty and try to reclaim costs before further payments are required. 

The Principal has requested that all monies you have paid, including your cash deposits, irrespective as to whether the College can claim these back, should be reimbursed to you in full. The College finance team are liaising directly with ParentPay to enable us reimburse your accounts which should be completed by the end of April. It will then be possible for you to withdraw these funds from your ParentPay accounts into your bank account.  Please refer to the guide below: 

Enrichment Reimbursement Update:

All funds that have been paid via ParentPay have been reimbursed to ParentPay accounts (see the link above which explains how to transfer funds back into your bank accounts).
 Initial cash deposits could not be reimbursed through ParentPay so the following options were             offered (via a survey sent on the 24th April): 

         • Transfer the funds into my child’s meal account
         • Hold the funds as a deposit for next year (Year 7 & 8 only)
         • Send me a cheque (possible delay in administration)
         • Hold a cheque for collection when the College returns
        • Payment via BACS (we will need you to provide your bank details either within the survey or by              e-mailing finance@sjhcsc.co.uk)

If you have not completed the survey but would like to receive the funds before September please email b.evans@sjhcsc.co.uk.