The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an internationally recognised award for young people. It proves that you’re someone who is interested in a broad range of things. It has proven to be the number one thing that employers and universities look for after your grades. So if you’re already doing things outside school such as sports, arts or music, dance, volunteering, then you’ll achieve the award as a recognition of that. If you want to try something new, then just get involved.

There are 3 levels:  

- BRONZE AWARD – Year 9, takes 6 months  

- SILVER AWARD – 15 year olds, takes 12 months  

- GOLD AWARD – 16 year olds, takes 18 months  

You decide what to do, and you follow it through.

How do I do it? There are plenty of ideas for your activities to be found here . Each level has the following sections:  

Skills – Basically anything that uses your hands and brain! Such as music, drama, fashion, blogging, photography, film, vimes, cookery. We have a number of after school clubs that can help you, such as photography club or chess club.

Volunteering – Helping other people. The college often runs volunteering opportunities such as the Bike Maintenance club, or helping Beechwood primary school with their animal care or camping trip. You could also volunteer for local charity shops, or St John’s Ambulance.

Physical Recreation – Anything that makes you sweat! Dance, martial arts, football, netball, sailing, rock climbing. Again there are a number of clubs to help you including Rock Climbing Club, Sailing Club, Surfing Club, Badminton Club, and all the team sports such as rounders, football, and rugby.

Expedition – Where you get to camp with your friends, enjoy the countryside and train up your skills until you can perform unaccompanied as a team for your assessment expedition. Expeditions can be on foot, or for example by canoe or mountain bike.

The DofE drop-in is every  LUNCHTIME in C001 with Mr Whitfield (PWH) – ask your tutor for a pass.